maandag 13 augustus 2012

Operation Cherry Black

It's official, I'm bored with my hair. About six months ago, I got bored with my hair and got a sidecut. I seriously still love this hair style and I'll probably keep wearing my hair like this for a long long time, but after a while you get used to it. The first few weeks I just got so excited every single time I passed by a mirror or a window, thinking "Oh, that's right!". But once you get accustomed to a hair style like this, people who see you still think it's special, but you kind of just think "meh...". So that's where I am right now...
Now, a few weeks ago, me and my friend went shopping and we saw this girl walking in front of us who had the most gorgeous, long, medium brown hair. She had dyed the bottom section of her hair burgundy. It wasn't dip dyed, since she had dyed only the bottom section right up to the roots. We couldn't help but keep staring at her hair.. it was THAT awesome. So she kind of inspired me to do something different with my hair, to use a fun color to jazz things up.
So today I bought the L'oreal Casting Crème Gloss temporary hair dye in Cherry Black and tomorrow, my mom is going to help me dye the bottom section of my hair. It's supposed to give dark hair a really nice purple-red-ish hue but it doesn't say on the box how it works out with medium brown hair.

So I'm REALLY excited to try it and so so curious to see how it works out! I'll keep you guys posted on how the finished look turned out!
Wish me luck!

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