donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Dolls Kill?!

Dolls kill, we all know that. They some creepy bitches. But other than a hugely important life lesson, also happens to be the awesomest online clothing shop I have ever seen!

Their clothing ranges from punk and grunge to goth (I suck at naming styles, btw) and they have a huge shoe collection, including brands like UNIF, Jeffrey Campbell,... Their style is really unique and original and I swear to god, if my wallet agreed with me for once, I could definetely find a ton of cool items. But sadly, it doesn't, plus pretty much all of the items are quite expensive (for me, that is), which is a real shame...
Nevertheless, it's an awesome website with absolutely gorgeous items and I guess I just enjoy drooling over it from time to time. I should stop torturing myself with this but... oh well.
So check out the site and maybe you'll find some things you like!

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