maandag 13 augustus 2012

Litas for less

Jeffrey Campbell Litas are huge these days. They're a gorgeous platform shoe that will suit any style. They're available on numerous website such as Solestruck, Nastygal,... (links below)
However, not everybody has 150 to 200 dollars to spend on one pair of shoes. Luckaly, there are quite a lot of websites that sell lita-like shoes, one more similar to the real deal than the other. Below are two links that'll lead you to two of the best (in my opinion) lita knockoffs I could find.

First, and these I find to be the most similar to the actual Jeffrey Campbell Litas, are these shoes on Ebay. I want these sooooo bad, if only I wasn't so friggin tall -_-"

Price : € 25,00 - 31,91 dollars
Available colors : Black (wooden heel), black (black heel), taupe and apricot.

Second, are the lita's available on These look slightly less like the real thing, nevertheless it's a solid effort.

Price : varies from € 31,00 up to € 36,00 - 38 dollars up to 45 dollars
Available colors : A LOT + studded, different materials,...

If you do want the real deal, check out these websites!
Solestruck :
Nastygal :

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