zondag 12 augustus 2012

Catrice's new products!

Catrice is one of my facourite drug store brands. They offer a really good quality and all of their products are amazingly affordable. So recently, Catrice cut a bunch of items from their cosmetic line and added a ton of new products. I thought I'd check it out and got two items, which I am hugely impressed with!

The first one is the Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder in Fairy Dust. It's supposed to be a light, pearly highlighter with a light shimmering finish. In the pan looks like a really pale pink powder with a tiny bit of a gold shimmer to it. When swatched (I tried swatching it, but it didn't show up at all on camera) the pink doesn't show but you get a gorgeous, dewey glow without it looking like you're actually wearing a highlighter.

Price : € 4,99
Application : very smooth
Pigmentation : hardly, but it doesn't have to, since it's a highlighter
Buy again? HELL YEAH

Left : Ultimate Lip Glow - Richt : nothing

The second one of the new products is the Ultimate Lip Glow - Lip Color Intensifier. This is said to be a transparant lipstick that softens your lips and intensifies your natural lip color. At first I was quite sceptical about this one, 'cause when I applied it, it just made my lips look really unnaturally pink. But when I tried it a second time, I applied it with a lighter hand and it actually looked so nice! It really just made my lips look more vibrant, without it looking like I was wearing lipstick.
A lot of people look for a lipstick that kind of looks like "their lips, but better", this lipstick is EVERYBODY's lips but better!

Price : € 4,59
Application : not as smooth as I'd like, but still very nice, stays on very long
Pigmentation : none
Buy again? YES

Check out their website for old and new products!

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