vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

Essence My Skin line

Okay, so in my last post I talked about an Essence skin care product that i didn't like. Well here are the two products I did like... Scratch the 'like', I LOVE them!

First, I got the My Skin cooling eye roll-on. So you apply this around your eye area and it's supposed to refresh and moisturize the skin around your eyes. It has a roller tip applicator, which makes it really easy to apply.
Now, don't expect miracles to happen with this one, but it's such a nice little thing to use in the morning when your eyes are still tired and a little puffy. At first, it makes your eyes feel like they're glowing a bit, but after about a minute your eyes feel so refreshed and awake! The ideal skin care product to start your day with!
Price : € 2,89

Second, I got the My Skin mattifying cream with blueberry and lychee extract. I did the little test on their site (link below) where you answer four questions and they tell you what skin type you are (if you don't already know it) and then they reccomend products that would suit your skin type. Mine is combination to normal skin, so they reccomended this mattifying cream.
I Love this cream, the consistency's kind of in the middle between a cream and a gel. A little really goes a long way. It mattifies your skin beautifully, makes it super dooper soft and it does NOT feel greasy or oily at all! It doesn't have a very strong smell, but it smells fresh and nice.Definetely a keeper!
Price : € 1,99

So in general, I love Essence.  All of their products are ridiculously cheap and the quality is pretty awesome. So if you're on a budget, definetely check out their website or their products in your local drugstore!

For the skin type test, go to

It friggin burns!

Wanna burn your face off? Well then this is the product for you!

I stocked up on some Essence My Skin face care products this week, because since I haven't had the time or energy to put into skincare lately, I wanted to really start taking care of my skin again. I love every single one of the products I got, except for one...

I got the Esence 4-in-1 cleansing cream with pomegranate and bamboo extract. This was actually the product I was the most excited to try. It was only €2,29 so... I bought it.

The consistency is much like clay, with scrubbing beads in it. But when you apply it in a thin layer onto your skin, it feels more like a gel. It doesn't have a very strong smell, but it smells kind of nice though. There's two ways of using this cream. First, you can use it as a cleanser, so you apply a thin layer on a wet face, just rub it in gently and rinse it off thoroughly. Second, for a deeper cleansing, you can use it as a mask. In that case, you apply a slightly more thick layer and leave it on for about 3 minutes.
But here's the thing... I wanted to try using it as a mask, so I started applying it to my right cheek. About five seconds after I put it on, it just started burning. It started off as a slight glowing feeling, but then it started burning and it really hurt. I don't have any allergies and I've never had a bad reaction to any skin care product ever before, so I was kind of freaked out. It hurt like a mofo Ö So I immediately rinsed it off.
A few days later, I tried it again, but the exact same thing happened so I threw it out.

I've read a lot of reviews on this product and a lot of people have experienced the exact same thing.
Just a quick disclamer though, this is my personal opinion and experience. I hope it's helpful, but by no means am I trying to tell you not to buy this. This might work for some people, maybe this product just isn't right for my skin.

I'll probably do a collective review of the products I did like within the next couple of days.

maandag 27 augustus 2012

ELF unboxing

Okay, so my ELF unboxing is finally up!!
Check it out if you're interested!

My. Good. Lord.

These are the burgundy velvet combat boots from the H&M website... Sadly enough, I don't think the H&M near me has these :'( Boo
They're € 29,95, which is pretty cheap for a pair of boots...
Oh well, I shall not rest until these are mine!


zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Have you ever? #2

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just realize that this is it? That you're in the right place and most importantly, that you're there with the right person?
I was laying there, next to him, in the middle of a field, at midnight, staring at the sky. The world around me ceased to exist, my mind was a complete blank. The only things I was aware of were his hand in mine, the grass tickling my legs and the sight of the most beautiful night sky I've ever seen.  He had his I-pod on A Real Hero by College. I don't know why, but there was something about that song that made that moment complete. It just made me realise this was it, this was right. It just hit me. It had happened a few times before...
We were on holiday in Stockholm, Sweden. We'd just spent the entire day sightseeing, strolling around, being crazy. We'd been singing all day, mostly Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns 'n Roses. So around midnight, we return to the hotel and pass through the dining room. Suddenly, in the middle of the dining room, I stop. The radio was playing... Sweet Child O'Mine had found us again. So we just stood there for the rest of the song, being amazed at what an amazing coincidence it was. The song ended and we waited a few seconds, curious for the next one. It was Hey Jude by the Beatles, which is one of my favourite songs. Here's where it gets all surreal again... He takes a step closer, wraps his arms around me and we start slow dancing... in the middle of an abandoned dining room, to Hey Jude. That was it.
I know this is a little different from the things I usually post on here but... dunnow, I just felt like writing about it. Guess I'm just in a random, corny mood... Maybe my neighbours playing the MOST MELLOW BALLANDS EVER WRITTEN all night might have something to do with it. It just makes me realize how life can surprise you... out of nowhere. Makes me think about everybody who has found someone to share moments like these with. And if you haven't yet, don't give up hope. It will happen, it may sound cliché but it will, when you least expect it.

Elf Studio Line Eyeshadow Review

So I recently made a small order on www.eyeslipsface.com, because I'd heard so many good things about this website and its products so I figured why not try a few things out? I ordered four of the Studio Single eyeshadows, they offer a very wide range of different colors, but these were the ones I liked and wanted to get. All of these eyeshadows were € 4,00 each, which is really reasonable, given the amount of product you get.

Top left : Wild Wheat
Top right : Raspberry Truffle
Bottom left : Charcoal
Bottom right : Oatmeal

Wild Wheat :
Wild Wheat is kind of a warm, golden brown color with a little bit of a golden shimmer to it. The shimmer looks very prominent in the pan but doesn't show up that much when applied. Its consistency is a tad bit chalky, though.
Raspberry Truffle :
This is by far my favourite color out of all of them. It's a really nice, burgundy-brown color that also has a light shimmer to it. This particular color has the nicest consistency, in my opinion, it has a very smooth, satin finish which makes it easy to apply.
Charcoal :
At first, like a lot of people, I was a bit disappointed with how light this color is. I was under the impression that it was going to be a nice charcoal black-ish color, but it's really a dark grey with (again) a light silver shimmer to it. Like Wild Wheat, this one feels a bit chalky, which is kind of a bummer, because it's such a gorgeous color.
Oatmeal :
This color is very similar to Wild Wheat, only a bit lighter plus it has a silvery shimmer to it rather than a golden one. Again, like Wild Wheat and Charcoal, this color feels very chalky, nevertheless it's a very nice, neutral color.

Left to right : Wild Wheat - Oatmeal - Raspberry Truffle - Charcoal

I used an eyeshadow primer to do these swatches. When you apply these eyeshadows without a decent base, they hardly show up, all you get is shimmer, but when applied with a primer underneath, the colors are very nice and vibrant.

Hope this review is helpful to you guys!

ELF #2

So I placed a HUGE ELF order today!
I know I already ordered a few things from their website, but I didn't want to get too much stuff the first time, just wanted to check out the overall quality of the products before going as crazy as I did today! So these are all of the things I wanted to try out but didn't order the first time. I paid for my order today, so it should be arriving by wednesday or thursday! The plan is to film an unboxing/first impressions video and put up a review on a few of the products on here :) So keep an eye out for that!

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Elf coupon code

You guys,
I just finished picking out a few things from ELF and I'm going to place my order tomorrow.

Now, I shopped on www.eyeslipsface.be so I'm not quite sure on which other websites this code is going to be valid, but I got a newsletter containing a coupon code with which you can get 20% off of all nailpolishes!

The code is : COLORAMAX
So try it out! Just thought I'd let you guys know.

maandag 13 augustus 2012

Operation Cherry Black

It's official, I'm bored with my hair. About six months ago, I got bored with my hair and got a sidecut. I seriously still love this hair style and I'll probably keep wearing my hair like this for a long long time, but after a while you get used to it. The first few weeks I just got so excited every single time I passed by a mirror or a window, thinking "Oh, that's right!". But once you get accustomed to a hair style like this, people who see you still think it's special, but you kind of just think "meh...". So that's where I am right now...
Now, a few weeks ago, me and my friend went shopping and we saw this girl walking in front of us who had the most gorgeous, long, medium brown hair. She had dyed the bottom section of her hair burgundy. It wasn't dip dyed, since she had dyed only the bottom section right up to the roots. We couldn't help but keep staring at her hair.. it was THAT awesome. So she kind of inspired me to do something different with my hair, to use a fun color to jazz things up.
So today I bought the L'oreal Casting Crème Gloss temporary hair dye in Cherry Black and tomorrow, my mom is going to help me dye the bottom section of my hair. It's supposed to give dark hair a really nice purple-red-ish hue but it doesn't say on the box how it works out with medium brown hair.

So I'm REALLY excited to try it and so so curious to see how it works out! I'll keep you guys posted on how the finished look turned out!
Wish me luck!

Litas for less

Jeffrey Campbell Litas are huge these days. They're a gorgeous platform shoe that will suit any style. They're available on numerous website such as Solestruck, Nastygal,... (links below)
However, not everybody has 150 to 200 dollars to spend on one pair of shoes. Luckaly, there are quite a lot of websites that sell lita-like shoes, one more similar to the real deal than the other. Below are two links that'll lead you to two of the best (in my opinion) lita knockoffs I could find.

First, and these I find to be the most similar to the actual Jeffrey Campbell Litas, are these shoes on Ebay. I want these sooooo bad, if only I wasn't so friggin tall -_-"

Price : € 25,00 - 31,91 dollars
Available colors : Black (wooden heel), black (black heel), taupe and apricot.

Second, are the lita's available on Urbanog.com. These look slightly less like the real thing, nevertheless it's a solid effort.

Price : varies from € 31,00 up to € 36,00 - 38 dollars up to 45 dollars
Available colors : A LOT + studded, different materials,...

If you do want the real deal, check out these websites!
Solestruck :
Nastygal :

Burgundy Creepers

So I'd been looking for an affordable pair of creepers for about a year. I've been in love with these shoes for years but I didn't want to spend too much money on them given the fact that I wasn't quite sure when/how often/ with what I was going to wear them. TUK creepers were too expensive and all the creepers I found on Ebay were around € 50 or even € 60. But then, during the thousandth search on Ebay I found these...

They are burgundy creepers and whatever doubts I had about wearing them... screw 'em! At first I found it quite hard to match them with the clothes in my wardrobe but nevertheless I'm absolutely in love with these shoes! They're really decently made and without doubt the most comfortable shoes I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. The heel is about 3 cm (slightly over 1 inch) high which makes them even more comfortable to walk in.

Price : € 32,00 - about 40 dollars (including shipping)
My experience with this seller (I'll post the link to the shoes below) was very good. The description and pictures were very accurate, shipping was affordable and only took about 5 days (from UK to Belgium). The shoes were decently packaged.
This seller offers quite a wide range of different colors, patterns and sizes so check it out if yo're interested ;)


zondag 12 augustus 2012

Catrice's new products!

Catrice is one of my facourite drug store brands. They offer a really good quality and all of their products are amazingly affordable. So recently, Catrice cut a bunch of items from their cosmetic line and added a ton of new products. I thought I'd check it out and got two items, which I am hugely impressed with!

The first one is the Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder in Fairy Dust. It's supposed to be a light, pearly highlighter with a light shimmering finish. In the pan looks like a really pale pink powder with a tiny bit of a gold shimmer to it. When swatched (I tried swatching it, but it didn't show up at all on camera) the pink doesn't show but you get a gorgeous, dewey glow without it looking like you're actually wearing a highlighter.

Price : € 4,99
Application : very smooth
Pigmentation : hardly, but it doesn't have to, since it's a highlighter
Buy again? HELL YEAH

Left : Ultimate Lip Glow - Richt : nothing

The second one of the new products is the Ultimate Lip Glow - Lip Color Intensifier. This is said to be a transparant lipstick that softens your lips and intensifies your natural lip color. At first I was quite sceptical about this one, 'cause when I applied it, it just made my lips look really unnaturally pink. But when I tried it a second time, I applied it with a lighter hand and it actually looked so nice! It really just made my lips look more vibrant, without it looking like I was wearing lipstick.
A lot of people look for a lipstick that kind of looks like "their lips, but better", this lipstick is EVERYBODY's lips but better!

Price : € 4,59
Application : not as smooth as I'd like, but still very nice, stays on very long
Pigmentation : none
Buy again? YES

Check out their website for old and new products!

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Reality check, please!

"Too big, too small,
doesn't matter, one size fits all"
Guess Rammstein was right, admitted these lines are slightly ripped out of context. Nevertheless, Till my man, you weren't kidding.

Our idea of the ideal, female body has to change, and it's articles like this that set the ball rolling. Now we just have to keep it rolling.

vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Get a tissue, will ya?

I am literally torturing myself DROOLING over these Ö

They're the Jeffrey Campbell Black Milk 99 ties, you can get them on Solestruck (link below) for 189,95 dollar. If these bad boys weren't so ridiculously expensive, I'd be wearing them already!


donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Dolls Kill?!

Dolls kill, we all know that. They some creepy bitches. But other than a hugely important life lesson, dollskill.com also happens to be the awesomest online clothing shop I have ever seen!

Their clothing ranges from punk and grunge to goth (I suck at naming styles, btw) and they have a huge shoe collection, including brands like UNIF, Jeffrey Campbell,... Their style is really unique and original and I swear to god, if my wallet agreed with me for once, I could definetely find a ton of cool items. But sadly, it doesn't, plus pretty much all of the items are quite expensive (for me, that is), which is a real shame...
Nevertheless, it's an awesome website with absolutely gorgeous items and I guess I just enjoy drooling over it from time to time. I should stop torturing myself with this but... oh well.
So check out the site and maybe you'll find some things you like!


woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Dear god... studded sneakers

My good lord, are these the most badass shoes ever or what?
Too bad my wallet doesn't like them so much... I swear to god, if ever I have the money, these are mine.

They are the Agasi black studded trainers from Topshop and retail for 65 pounds (which is quite affordable for awesomeness)

Have you ever?

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror, taken a good look at yourself and thought “I feel good in this”? I have. Have you ever walked out the door looking the exact same way and found people staring? And I don’t mean in a good way. I have. And have you ever decided not to look like that ever again merely to avoid those looks people gave you? I have. Way too many times.

See, when you live here, people think your creepers are orthopedic shoes designed for the elderly. People see your tattoo and immediately label you “would not hire” or “don’t want as a daughter in law”. They notice the purple locks in your hair and think you’re completely off the rails, dyed your hair purple to piss off your parents or something.

Can’t stand it. And you know what the worst part of it all is? Even your peers will judge, criticize and label you. You wear dark makeup? GOTH You got a sidecut? PUNK You have two dreads in your hair? HIPPIE Point here is, i’m neither one of those things. I’m just me. People always say personal style is so friggin’ important, but the second your style gets too far out of the box… it’s over. The minute you deviate from what’s socially accepted as “fashionable”, you’re a goth, a punk, a hippie.

Labeling is ridiculous. When you look up “labeling” on Wikipedia, you’ll find it means “describing something or someone in a word or short phrase”. Now imagine someone describing you, all of you, in one single word. If someone would describe me as “easy going”, what about the times when people are rude, dishonest or just being a jerk? Easy going is the last word you’d use to describe me. What if somebody captured me as “funny”? Well if they did, they didn’t cover the first three hours after I wake up in the morning.
Well, this is me. All of me. Not just one side, not just the side everybody wants to see. Just me.